Nuestro tiempo de respuesta es el más alto en Cuba.

Proveemos instructores personales.

Nuestra locación favorece el aprendizaje.

Nuestras ofertas son variadas y pueden ajustarse al cliente.

15% de nuestros ingresos financian nuestro proyecto comunitario.

School transfer

We provide transfer service, you can see more of Havana on your way to the school and we make sure your lessons start on time. 

Once the lesson is over we drop you off at the same place or leave you anywhere on the same route. It can be difficult to move around Havana if you don`t have a friend! 

 Our drivers know they trade and their city, they will keep you from getting lost in a Havana with a limited internet.

 Let us provide a driver and you will save a lot of time making calls.


Enjoy your trip to the Salsa School!