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15 % de nuestros ingresos netos van directamente a nuestro proyecto comunitario infantil totalmente gratis donde se les enseña a los niños como bailar salsa.


Havana Whithin
In this package you will enjoy Havana as it is. You will enjoy, among other things, a city tour throughout one of the most visited places in Cuba, 5 days of private salsa lessons, nights out with your teacher to salsa clubs, as well as the oppo...
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7 nights 8 days.On this amazing package you will have the chance to enjoy and visit one of the most beautiful landscapes from Cuba: "Los Mogotes de Viñales" tectonic formations due to the movement of the earth along the years that have resulted ...
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10 nights and 11 days.In this package you will be visiting the most colonial of the villages in Cuba: " Trinidad de Cuba" where time has stopped to give the visitors a colorful side of Cuba, where music is everywhere and friendly locals will we...
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"Premium" all inclusive around Cuba
In this package you will have the all inclusive option of discovering the most beautiful part of our country including Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. You will have included services such as: salsa lessons, spanish lessons, transportation, ...
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