Ambiente más personal.

Paquete turísticos hechos a medida.

Rebajas de precios por temporadas.

Comunicación altamente activa con nuestros clientes.

15 % de nuestros ingresos netos van directamente a nuestro proyecto comunitario infantil totalmente gratis donde se les enseña a los niños como bailar salsa.

About Us.

Salsa Express Cuban dance school, is an Agency created with one goal only: offer you the experience of plugging yourself to Cuban reality and culture which everyone wants to be part of, in a unique, personalized and professional way.

Salsa Express´ Team: is ran by charismatic, funny and professional teachers, what makes possible for you to connect immediately with the new experience about to live.

Besides, we integrate different services such as: lodging, transportation, excursions, guided tours, in Havana, Viñales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos, nights out with your teacher to the salsa spots, bookings in different restaurants, and car rental with driver at will. Guaranteeing the total quality in our services with a minimum offer from your behalf knowing how important small details are for you.

All this, along with the perfect atmosphere created by the Salsa Express team will make of your holidays a long-lasting and attractive memory.

Why hesitating when everything points to your entire satisfaction!!!